Is there a minimum age requirement?2022-04-27T13:06:04-05:00

No. Anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent or guardian signature on the legal waiver.

Are there any weight restrictions?2022-05-06T11:20:55-05:00

Down for the Challenge equipment safety standards require that people must be between 90 and 350 lbs in order to safely rappel.

Why is there a $100 registration fee?2022-05-06T11:22:11-05:00

The $100 registration fee is your donation as a participant in the event. This $100 also goes toward your fundraising minimum of $1,000.

Why a $1,000 minimum?2022-05-06T11:23:15-05:00

For every $1,000 a rappeler raises a life can be transformed. This money provides:

  • Rent/mortgage assistance that prevents a family from being evicted.
  • Safe and dignified emergency shelter, meals, and related care for 17 individuals.
  • 4,200 meals to help families in need stretch their budgets and remain in their home.
How much do I need to fundraise to participate?2021-06-15T15:50:55-05:00

The minimum fundraising amount is $1,000.

What should I wear when rappelling?2022-05-06T11:24:25-05:00

Dress comfortably! Do not wear overly loose or baggy clothing, or clothing with long drawstrings. Wear soft-soled, closed-toed shoes or sneakers.

Can I wear a costume when rappelling?2022-05-06T11:25:30-05:00

Costumes are allowed but are subject to the same limitations as baggy clothing. Every attempt will be made to safely fit costumes around harnesses and helmets. As with shorts, it is ultimately the decision of the Site Safety Supervisor. Stringy, loose, or excessive costumes must be avoided. Head pieces that will not accommodate a helmet, obscure the vision, or are notably large or heavy will rarely be allowed.

Do I need to have experience to participate?2022-05-06T11:26:36-05:00

Not at all! We will provide information on everything to expect on event day. This will include everything you need to know about the process, from registration to the roof and back down again.

If I don’t reach the $1,000 minimum, do I get a refund?2022-05-06T11:30:10-05:00

We are not able to issue refunds. All dollars raised are donations to The Salvation Army to further our work with those experiencing homelessness and in homelessness prevention.

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